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Lip Balm Display for Crochet Cozies – Printable Template

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Isn’t it frustrating when you’ve worked so hard on a handcrafted project, only to hear the dreaded words,

“That’s very pretty. What is it?”

Last month I had the chance to sit with a friend at a local Farmers’ Market in a nearby town.  I brought my crochet goodies, not knowing what to display in the middle of February . . . in Florida . . .

I grabbed a few of everything (too much, to be honest) and enjoyed a beautiful day in a quaint beachy town with my friend.  Customers were few and most didn’t want to admit it was still cold enough for a messy bun hat or ear warmer.

What most people DID notice, however, were my cute little Mermaid Tail Chapstick Holder Keychains

Here are my own lip balm cozies that I made using Erin’s amazing pattern. I added beads to a few just for fun. These make great gifts!

Head over to EkayG Designs for this FREE Mermaid Chapstick Holder pattern!


Because my cozies were displayed hanging from a necklace stand with little card stock inserts, everyone knew exactly what these cozies were for and they oooeh and aaahed over them.  I sold a few (and one face scrubby) and it was enough to make me feel like the day wasn’t a total flop.  It also gave me the motivation to make inserts like this available to other crochet artists.

FREE crochet lip balm cozy printable display template.

Download the printable template here and print on card stock (I buy mine with my craft store coupons – SCORE!)

There are several sheets to choose from, using different fonts because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.  On the last page, I left the little lip balms blank so you can add your own text or font with text boxes or word art if you’d like.  You can write or stick your price on the back – so easy!

Make these inserts your
own and proudly display your cozies at markets, boutiques, galleries . . . wherever your goodies
are displayed for sale.

I want you to be the BOSS at displaying your beautiful handiwork, and I’d love to see pictures of your cute little keychains displayed proudly!

Don’t forget to check out my free keychain pattern for the oh-so-handy Unforgettable Essential Oil Cozies.
Please let me know what other display solutions would help your business. I’m excited about some others I have in the works.
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Go get ’em, Bosses!

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