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Why you shouldn’t be scared of crochet designing…

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Start a Crochet Blog or Craft Blog.  You can Inspire others by designing Crochet Patterns! Read why we need you to start crochet blogging.

Maybe you’re fairly new to crochet patterns.
Maybe you just figured out how to read this “secret code.”
Maybe you’ve been crocheting for years and are ready to explore sharing your ideas with others…

No matter where you are on your crochet journey – it’s the perfect place to start!

I’m very new on my crochet design path – with just a few patterns released, a few more in the works and a very beginner Etsy Shop, sometimes it is intimidating to see Instagram and Pinterest feeds of designers “Much more Boss than Me.”

These people probably have a lifetime of crochet experience, marketing degrees, expensive advertising budgets or a large staff to get their work out there….right?

What I have come to find instead is that the maker community is a bunch of people MUCH LIKE ME, many of whom picked up crochet JUST in the last couple of years (WHAT?!) and are just being themselves, putting in a little daily work to communicate their personality to the world. 

Creativity is contagious.
Positivity is contagious.
Authenticity is contagious.

When all three combine you have a recipe for success.  These designers are honest about mistakes, bad days and trashed craft ideas that didn’t work out.  They are courageous in their brainstorming and find ways to work with others so everyone benefits.

If they can do it, I can do it…
If I can do it…YOU can do it!

Other newbies want to follow along and watch you grow. Did you know it is much more inspiring to be imperfect and still engaged than perfect and fake-looking?

You have so much to give – right where you are.

If you are at all curious about getting your ideas out there and joining the designer world, there are a bunch of us waiting to help in the amazing Ash and Tay Crochet Facebook Group.  This is just one amazing community – I know there are many more.
Posters are consistently looking for pattern testers, asking advice about how to start patterns, how to blog, how to advertise, and Ashley and Taylor do live chats where viewers can ask anything – from website help to which market platforms sell best, to what to do with the yarn we got on sale today at Hobby Lobby! 😉

hobby lobby clearance
Joining this group may result in high volumes of clearance yarn shopping trips as they are announced.

Feel free to find me on Instagram or email me at if you need help knowing where to start.

Have a happy summer and keep stitchin like a Boss!