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Summer Stash-Buster Pattern Roundup!

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Howdy, Bosses!  How’s your summer going? 

We are in full swing at my place, one kid off to camp and I’m preparing for a fun road trip of my own!  I hope today’s roundup is super, duper useful for all of you!  I think it will be because…

In just the last few weeks I’ve seen both:

– a bunch of clearance yarns that we designers are grabbing by the cartfuls…
– a bunch of designers with “too much yarn!” by either their own definition or labeled as such by an adoring spouse. 😉

Let’s bust some of those stashes, shall we?  Here are some amazing patterns I’ve made or are on my to-do list that will help you use up some of those leftover balls of yarn, eh? 
Also these are amazing things that you can use or sell at markets! 
EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of these patterns is something I’d be proud to display, use or gift.  This is not your granny’s scratchy, out-dated crochet!

I’ve divided the patterns into the following categories: 
Home and Bath / Toys / Clothing / Bags / Headbands.

Home and Bath

I’ve been drooling over some mug rugs I’ve seen lately and my friend Stacey decided the world needed a Cup Carpet, too!

Many of us have picked up some of that delicious Bernat Maker Home Dec and now we don’t know what to do with it. 
I love how these stitches look together – I was going for the texture of one of those hand woven rag rugs my mama had when I was growing up.

These little cup carpets work up quick, make a great gift or market item and I love that these are washable!
(Not that I ever spill my beloved coffee, riiiiiight?)

You can find this pattern on my blog over here.

I just love the mid-century modern design of this home accessory.  Head on over to Joy of Motion Crochet and customize one for your favorite plant-baby!

Most of us have a little cotton yarn lying around – not even enough for a washcloth maybe? That’s okay! These cute coasters use just a little of each color and you can make a whole garden by mixing and matching the yarns you have leftover. Visit Gava Crochet Love for the free pattern!

How cute is this thing??!?? Head over to E’Claire Makery for free instructions on how to create your own llamariffic home decor. Just think – the background can be made of that half skein you’ve been staring at for months! Turn it into something amazing.

Another fun project from Gava Love Crochet, these cotton makeup remover pads are so much better than the disposable alternative.  Use up some more tiny balls of cotton yarn to make solid or multicolor facial rounds.  These would be perfect as a set of 2 or 3 at a summer market!

This is one of my favorite patterns lately!  I got the cutest glass Starbucks tumbler and I love how stylish it looks when protected in this amazing cozy by The Roving Nomad.  She made this pattern for TWELVE different cup and jar sizes, y’all!  Grab the pattern here.

I love the boho style of this wall hanging by FunSizeCreations.  Check out that multicolor fringe and just imagine the color combinations you could play with!  Grab the pattern here.

This fun pillow screams new retro! Lots of uses here for little scraps of yarn.  I think this would do well at markets or to sell online!  Grab the pattern from the blog at Gava Crochet Love.

These cute coasters are so great for using up those tiny balls of yarn that beg for purpose!  Grab the free pattern on Knitting with Chopsticks.


This inexpensive pattern gives you two projects in one!  Make a baby or mama jellyfish using little bits of all kinds of yarn.  One thing I love about this pattern is that I can use all different textures to make the tentacles – the more different they are the better!  Mix and match to your hearts content.  If you don’t have safety eyes, you can simply use buttons or yarn to sew eyes on yourself, or just make a jellyfish with no eyes at all, (I mean, that is more realistic probably, anyway!) . This is one of my original designs and I love selling these little cuties in the beach shops where I live.

Another fun, reusable new way to do summer!  These Crochet Water Balloons by Left in Knots use leftover blanket yarn.  They are super absorbent and give a great “SPLAT!” upon impact and kids love using them over and over and over and over again. 
Enjoy the FREE, easy pattern!

Oh I can’t handle how darling this crochet Ring Pop is! 
I love any way to reward children without more SUGAR in their diets!  These little gem rings will make great party favors, market sellers and gifts for the little ones you love.  Grab the FREE pattern on E’Claire Makery’s blog.

When I used to teach little preK-2nd graders in an active play class, they called me “Miss Joni Balonie.”  Somehow that makes me relate to this little sandwich on an emotional level.  Look how many colors of yarn you can use up to create this cute little sandwich that every little kiddo will love to make over and over again.  The free pattern is available on By Jenni Designs.


Oh, so you still have more of that Bernat Maker Home Dec, don’t you?  Taylor helps us use it up with this amazing crochet halter top pattern!  Find it free on her blog and have fun mixing up the colors to use up what you’ve got on hand!

I’ve had so much fun using up my littlest balls of yarn to create these granny squares, then picking up about a half-skein of a solid color to make this little gem come to life.  Check out Croby patterns for the amazing video to help you through the romper construction.  Look at how cute mine turned out in coral and teal with white trim.



While we’re all talking about grannies, how amazing is this fun Granny Tote by Girlie’s Crochet?  Another great, free pattern you can find on her blog.  Have fun using smaller amounts of yarn for a fun stripe of color!

Check out this unique, stylish design!  Use up some of that wintery yarn on something you can wear (or sell!) all year long!  Grab the free crochet pattern at A Purpose and a Stitch.  (While you’re there, check out this post about how she’s helping to eradicate human trafficking!)


I know you have some beautiful DK yarn lying around without a purpose.  This Daisy Headband is a free pattern by BearRye, and I made one up in about an hour with some gorgeous blue hand-dyed yarn I got for my birthday.

I know, I know…this is more of an autumn or winter accessory, but this design By Stephanie Erin Designs is so unique, I know you’ll want to start using your stash to prepare for fall markets and holiday gifts.  You can use a yarn that slowly changes color as shown, or change colors every row to create any effect you’d like.  So gorgeous!

Surprise your bestie on her bday with a tiara fit for a YAS QUEEN! This adult size crown is fun for so many occasions and doesn’t use much yarn!  Again, striping with different colors is a fun way to use up those tiny balls of yarn.  Nab that free pattern here!

That’s it!  I hope you found a project (or ten) that inspires you to use up some delicious yarn that’s been begging for purpose.  

Once we make some empty room in that stash….it’s only natural to fill it up again….. r i i i i i ight?

Lots of Love,

Joni from