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Savannah Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

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Heading down 95 south on the way back to sunny Florida one day, I finished my first earwarmer pattern in the passenger seat of our minivan.  I looked up to see the exit sign for Savannah, Georgia and knew I had my pattern name. 

The Savannah Earwarmer is a fun textured winter headband that looks great plain or embellished with crochet flowers or a vintage brooch. 

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Doesn’t she look gorgeous in “Sunrise” by Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable? (One of my favorite hues ever!)  Thanks to my crochet buddy Dina for the fabulous brooch.

This particular design is a little different because it uses the reverse single crochet stitch (crab stitch) to create spirals that really make this design pop.  Don’t worry – my pdf includes step-by-step instructions with photos to make this pattern easy peasy.  I’ve also included a condensed page with just the pattern text so you can easily take one sheet on the go once you’ve got the basics down.  Grab your copy for only $2.99 on my Ravelry page here.

Happy Crocheting, Bosses!

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