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Pepperoni Pizza Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

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What could be better than a perfect mix of food and crocheting?  I have loved seeing so many pizza-themed crochet patterns.  I’ve seen pizza blankets, scarves, kids play food and even sweaters!

In addition to fun pizza projects, I’ve also noticed there are a LOT of very cute bucket hats, too!  I actually made myself a grey bucket hat last year and it is a GAMECHANGER on a rainy day – protects my glasses from getting covered in annoying rain droplets.  I feel invincible in my bucket hat and rain boots!

Soooo…I decided to combine these two ideas for a fun Pepperoni Pizza Bucket Hat!

I hope you enjoy this funny pattern and that wearing this cheesy goodness on your head will bring smiles and laughter into the world.

Tools and Materials:

  • #4 yarn in yellow, red, tan and burgundy
    (I used Premiere cotton in yellow for the hat pictured.  All other yarn was scraps I had already!)
  • H hook (5 mm) for hat
  • G hook (4mm) for pepperonis
  • yarn needle for attaching pepperoni
  • scissors

Looks good enough to eat!

(please don't)


FLOfront loop only
FOfasten off
hdchalf double crochet
hdcinchalf double crochet increase
revscreverse single crochet (crab stitch)
sl stslip stitch






single crochet

single crochet increase


This pizza hat is worked in the round, joining with a slip stitch at the end of each round.

Beginning Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.

Start with a magic circle (here are instructions) OR ch 2, work round 1 in 2nd ch from hook. 

Reverse Single Crochet instructions

Hat Body (Cheese)




Now it’s time to use your yarn needle and attach all your pepperonis and . . .

Pizza Finita!